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Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory
Business Opportunity

We bring proven technology into alignment with your operational and marketing strategies, delivering market insight.

Leadership, business insight and guidance have allowed us to a 100% success rate for past projects. Using an agile, spiral approach,we offer full life-cycle delivery of database driven solutions positioned to adapt to future changing market demands.

We're here to help you achieve maximum profitability from your SQL Server investment. Whether it's focused on business intelligence, a transactional system or SQL Server alignment.

SOA (service oriented architecture) advances have opened up the interoperability bottleneck of past process projects. Combining SOA with process design delivers a winning combination of business logic with technology.

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We solve business problems. Some are operational. Others strategic. Either way, your investment in technology needs to solve problems. At Realized Design our focus is solving your complex business problems with technology. Whether the opportunity starts with a white board strategy session, or an operational problem, we lead the project from concept until its realized into a working system.

Database Strategy - Data Centric

Realized Design specializes in database driven solutions built with the Microsoft platform and SQL Server. As the premier relational database for the Microsoft Windows platform, we provide our clients with more than a decade of SQL Server and enterprise class solution expertise.